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Learn4Birth’s mission is to provide education that empowers women and their partners through childbirth, alleviates fear, builds confidence and stimulates informed thinking and decision making for a positive birth experience one labor at a time.

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Knees Together Pushing in Childbirth? Why would I want to do that!

  For as long as I can remember, I (and probably you) have been encouraging birthing people to adopt upright, forward and open positions (so-called ‘UFO Positions’) in labor in order to make as much space in the pelvis as possible.  “Open the inlet” has always been my mantra along with many other educators, midwives… Continue Reading

The Vicious Circle of Labor Interventions and Breastfeeding Doubt

Ever heard a woman tell this story?  Once upon a time the lady’s labor began with a long Pitocin (UK-Syntocinon) induced labor, an epidural for pain and either a long pushing stage or a C-Section?  The mother felt an overwhelming joy when the baby was born and relief that the labor was over.  But within… Continue Reading

Food for Thought: What to eat in Labor

(A version of this article originally appeared on Lamaze’s Educator Blog ‘Connecting the Dots’) I have always compared labor to mountain climbing.  Early labor is when you fuel up, keep warm and plan your route in your base camp tent.  Active labor needs stamina to traverse icy slopes and overcome unknown weather patterns.  Transition is… Continue Reading

Does Kinesiology Tape (KT) Work to Reduce Pregnancy Backaches and Pain?

Women in my childbirth and breastfeeding classes find pregnancy to be a time of great excitement and anticipation.  Underneath the surface however, pregnancy also brings worry, sleep deprivation, changes to lifestyle and decision making.  Women are bombarded with media images of the perfect pregnancy and often carry on working and exercising up until labor begins.… Continue Reading

The Husband Stitch – Adding Insult to Injury

Rarely does a topic make me wince and enrage me at the same time.  So here it goes – a little therapy rant!  Recently, I was reading comments on a private Facebook Group where the topic of the ‘husband stitch’ or ‘daddy stitch’ was being discussed. For those who have never heard the term, prepare… Continue Reading

What Does Childbirth and a Gender Reveal Party Have in Common?

In 2018, a 47,000 acre ‘gender reveal party’ started a blaze in Arizona costing a total of $8m to extinguish.  Last week, the El Dorado Fire in Southern California was started the same way.  It is currently still burning just a few short miles from my home causing mayhem.  But when it is out, will… Continue Reading

Posterior Cervix? No worries!

Why is my cervix posterior and WTH does that mean for labor? In truth, most all women have a posterior (leaning back) cervix that moves anterior (leaning front) during labor.  A posterior cervix is not a recognized medical condition nor is it mentioned in my midwifery textbook (Myles Textbook for Midwives) – but rather a bit of a… Continue Reading

Dark Covid Clouds may also have Silver Maternal Linings

Dark Covid Clouds……Silver Maternal Linings? It’s not easy to deal with the stress of pregnancy, labor and the postnatal period during the best of times but for most, Covid-19 has severely compounded the struggle. The cancellation of many in-person prenatal visits and childbirth and breastfeeding classes and the lack of firm knowledge of how Covid-19… Continue Reading

Not All Squats Are Created Equal

Serena William’s pregnancy has raised many questions about what level and types of fitness are safe to do during pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy is no longer taboo, in fact it is now promoted for its overall health benefits and in the prevention and management of gestational diabetes (unless the woman has particular complications). A year… Continue Reading

Alive & Kicking – Keeping track of Fetal Movement

Recently a popular British TV drama series about six pregnant couples in an antenatal group called ‘In The Club’ mistakenly mentioned that the reduction of fetal movement, referred to as RFM, in the third trimester was ‘normal’ because babies ‘run out of space’.  Seventeen charities, including The Royal College of Midwives and my old employer… Continue Reading

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Learn4Birth is facilitated by Mindy Cockeram. After obtaining a BA from Villanova University in 1986, Mindy retrained as a Childbirth Educator through the UK’s National Childbirth Trust’s (NCT’s) Antenatal Certification in conjunction with the University of Bedfordshire in 2004. After migrating back to the USA in 2010, she also certified through Lamaze International and teaches childbirth education both privately and for a large hospital organization several times a week.