Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education and Resources

Learn4Birth’s mission is to provide education that empowers women and their partners through childbirth, alleviates fear, builds confidence and stimulates informed thinking and decision making for a positive birth experience one labor at a time.



The Purple Line for Assessing Cervical Dilation. https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/Post/the-redpurple-line-an-alternate-method-for-assessing-cervical-dilation-using-visual-cues. Oct, 2014.


7 Classic Pregnancy Myths Revealedhttps://www.lamaze.org/Giving-Birth-with-Confidence/GBWC-Post/true-or-false-seven-classic-pregnancy-birth-myths-revealed  Nov, 2014.


Should we Stay or Should We Go Now – Is It Time to  Go in to the Hospital or Birth Center? https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/series-brilliant-activities-for-birth-educators-should-i-stay-or-should-i-go-now-or-when-to-go-to-the-hospital-or-birth-center 


What a Ketchup Bottle and Women in Labor have in Common? http://www.lamaze.org/Giving-Birth-with-Confidence/GBWC-Post/what-can-you-find-in-a-lamaze-class-a-ketchup-bottle, June 14, 2015.


How to Count Kicks Using Fetal Surveillance. https://www.lamaze.org/Giving-Birth-with-Confidence/GBWC-Post/alive-and-kicking-recognizing-the-signs-of-reduced-fetal-movement. July 5, 2016.


Why Squats during Late Pregnancy May not be a Great Ideahttps://www.lamaze.org/Giving-Birth-with-Confidence/GBWC-Post/not-all-squats-are-created-equal-in-labor-birth.  July 21, 2017.


Food For Thought in Early Labor & Beyond. https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/Post/food-for-thought-in-early-labor-and-beyond. May, 2018.


When Let down Brings You Down – Exploring Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex. https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/Post/when-let-down-brings-you-down-exploring-dysphoric-milk-ejection-reflex-d-mer. August, 2018


UFO Doesn’t Mean Unidentified Flying Objects Anymore: Labor Positions Activity – BABE Series. https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/Post/brilliant-activities-for-birth-educators-ufo-doesnt-mean-unidentified-flying-object-anymore-labor-positions-activity, Sept 2018.


Are There Silver Linings within the Dark Clouds of Covid-19 in Childbirth?https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/Post/do-dark-covid-19-clouds-lead-to-silver-linings-for-birthing-people-1 May 20, 2020.

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Pregnant Again? A Childbirth & Breastfeeding Refresher  offers a comprehensive yet concise review of the entire process from baby bump to breast pump

Cut Your Labor in Half!
  19 Secrets for a Faster & Easier Birth
is a childbirth course in a book,
a ‘cheat sheet’ of ideas for understanding
how the reader’s choices may impact
other aspects of birth and early motherhood

Breastfeeding Doesn’t Have to Suck!
Tips, Tricks & Knowledge for a Great Experience
is a book for women worried about their
ability to feed a baby from their own bodies!
Useful before and after the birth